Gift Ideas for Used Playing Cards

playing cards

Instead of throwing away the several items such as playing cards you find in your home, reuse them for various functions. If some get lost, that’s okay. Here are some ideas of a gift for card lovers you can do to reuse those playing cards.

Tiny Cards Diary

The cover of this humble pocket journal or diary is made from a single cardstock. It’s pocket-sized, so it’s perfect for shopping lists, to-do papers, poems, and even some other random ideas you come up with. It’s easy to make this for a great stocking stuffer. To add a little love or sparkle, cut a strip of these hearts or diamonds to enhance your scrapbook. To get some love or sparkle, cut a strip of these hearts or diamonds to add a splash of color to your diary.

Scrapbooking Embellishments


They add color and style to scrapbooking and bring out the quantity. You can also use them for their symbols: cubes like diamonds or enjoy wealth, for example. Playing cards are a fine addition to any Alice in Wonderland-themed celebration. Since they are an essential part of the plot, you can place them almost anywhere, and they will be great as decorations.

Gift Tags

Turning cards into gift tags are an easy and practical process for reusing playing cards. See if you can cut around the edge to create a different shape or add small vases. Punch a hole in the center and add a ribbon for a finishing touch. The cards are a bit stiff, so they are a great spot to turn into ornaments. You can only change the card if necessary. Add embellishments and dangle beads to create some effect. Inserting a playing card would be the ideal way to start and works well as a company card base.

Miniature Art Book

Used playing cards can also be made into a multimedia sketchbook where you can collect your ideas and images in a small and portable method. Experiment and use your creativity. Apply your creative skills and vision to transform standard playing paper into a tiny masterpiece. Cut, tear, glue, and paint to create fantastic cards.

Cards Garland

This easy-to-make banner is perfect for a casino or Alice in Wonderland-themed party. Cut a reddish chain that stretches across the area you want to cover and attach the small cards to the front of the chain (or tape them to make them last longer). Be sure to measure the length so that everything is evenly spaced. You’ll end up with some great pots that you can work for just about anything: cards, art books, and other arts. Layer your pictures for a unique effect.