Reasons Why Gambling is Illegal in Some Countries


Which Country Has the Highest Rate of Gambling? You might enjoy an occasional bet when your favorite team is playing on Saturdays, or you might get a kick out of roulette or a poker game at a casino. But this is not the case with other countries. At the moment, there are 15 countries in the world where gambling is illegal. Seven out of those countries have laws that state that gambling is unlawful. What do you think that pushes them? Some of the reasons are listed below.



Some cultures are highly spiritual, and in some countries, gambling is considered blasphemy. Most religions believe that gambling is sinful and unholy, but nowhere can it be considered a sin. The crucial difference is that faith is essential in some countries, and even something that is trusted is not avoided at all costs. Some states still exercise their spiritual laws as state legislation, so the prohibition of gambling and spiritual influence should come as no surprise.


Another factor common to some countries is that they are relatively poor or not prosperous. Apart from the salient effect of faith, the reason for banning gambling could be related to social status. Gambling is often seen as something only bad people do, even if this is not even remotely true. On the other hand, the prohibition of gambling could also exist for all these reasons. One thing is sure, whatever the basis for all this – it’s not easy. Will legislation ever change? We don’t understand that. We know one thing. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where gambling is legal and not badly seen, be responsible.

Addiction Prevention

Some countries have banned gambling only recently, in the last 20 or even 30 years, due to the increasing number of gambling addiction. It isn’t easy in states with a higher percentage of people. It is quite natural for poor people to look for a simple approach to making money. The fascinating thing is that prohibition is not always the right thing to do. In areas where a ban was introduced to “protect” people from addiction, it has led people to discover alternatives. It is not exactly the desired result, quite the opposite. Some states have even banned lotteries and bingo. Any game involving luck and money can be law.